Skort for DD. This is the first time I have made this pattern so I would call it a wearable muslin. I made the skort from some light weight denim I had in my stash.

The fit is OK, it is wearable but I will make a few adjustments on the next pair. I will make the shorts narrower in the leg and shorter in the crotch. Right now the legs of the shorts are almost as wide as the skirt, kind of defeats the modesty point of them. The crotch hangs down quite a bit so I will shorten the crotch and this will also fix the fact that you can see the shorts in the back hanging lower than the skirt. The pattern calls for 1/2″ elastic but I will use a wider elastic next time as I had to cut the elastic quite a bit shorter as it was not strong enough at this width for the fabric I used, but would prolly be OK with a lighter weight fabric.

I also made I made a tank top from some white rib knit that is embroidered to look like eyelet, very cute but white, not a very practical color for a dirt loving little girl.


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