Knitting and Sewing

I need to stay out of the fabric and yarn shops!! I went to two places today looking for a doll pattern and here is what I ended up with:

Vogue Knitting Quick Reference Knitter’s Review had an article listing the three “can’t do without” knitting books and this was on the list, so I picked it up with a 40% off coupon. I have Vogue Knitting, but that isn’t real convenient to carry in the car or in my knitting bag away from home.

Fiber Trends Patterns: Felt Hat (AC-1) and Girl Talk (CH-40). Both of these are for felted hats, one for me and one for my daughter. Now it looks like I’m getting into felting, just what I need, another hobby.

Yarn for daughter’s felted hat. One skein of Cascade 220 and one of Fun Fur both in Hot Pink. I was amazed at the color match between these, two different companies, two different fibers and the match is almost perfect.

Basket – will be great for knitting projects once I make a liner for it

Fabric – one print that reminds me of knitting that I will prolly use for the basket liner, skin tone fabric for a doll, and several co-ordinating fabrics for a gift exchange project (not saying what as they may read this)

Vogue doll patterns: 7418 and 8336 (they were on sale 75% off)



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