I finally broke down and bought a new copy of Knit Hats! which guarantees I will find it in the next hour. I also picked up two sets of circular needle to knit my son’s hat. It seems with all the needles I have I shouldn’t need to get any more, but it seems like every new pattern I start I need a differnt size of needles. I need to sew up a needle case or two, one for straight needles, one for circulars and one for double points, I guess that’s three.

I’m also going to be making another pattern from Knit Hats!, Handpaint Hat. I chose a skein of Plymouth Yarns Yukon Print (I just couldn’t justify the cost of the Point 5 right now) and a skein of Cascade 220 (it coordinates amazingly well but I’ll have to use multiple strands)

I am getting together a little learn to knit knit for my daughter, so I picked up a very cute Inox knitting knody (looks like a little girl) and some bamboo knitting needles for her. I’m not sure if I will give the kit to her for Hanukkah or for her b’day (Jan 5th).

My Hubby is a big fan of Wallace & Gromit so when I saw a copy of Feng Shaun at the yarn shop I had to pick it up for him. Ok, maybe a little bit for me too. *vbg*

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