The new Spring Ottobre arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I haven’t been able to keep up with the Ottobre list lately so I didn’t know they were on the way, what a great surprise! I really like many on the designs, unfortunately many that I like are not in sizes that will fit my kiddo’s, maybe I have to haveanother one . . . lol.

I will definately be making #18&19 (tunic and underdress), #29 (cross-front t-shirt), #21 (coat) and I will prolly end up making #13 (knit terry blouse), #15/16 (plaid blouse) &#17 (wide leg pants).

I’m thinking of making a couple of dresses with the cross-front t-shirt, one with the shirt cropped and a gathered skirt (or maybe an A-line skirt like the dresses I made for her last year) and I was thinking of making another one by just lengthening the t-shirt to dress length . . . gotta get more tracing paper tonight as I used up my roll on the last issue.


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