Ripping good time

. . . well, not really. After working on the Clapotis the last two days I am ripping it all out. I did the set-up and several increases, and I love how the yarn looks knitted up, but the yarn keeps kinking up as it comes off the ball and I keep having to stop and unwind it. I am not going to keep doing this for another 60”.

One of the LYS is having a sidewalk sale today and I went. I did find some lovely yarn I think I’m going to try for the Clapotis. The yarn is Mountain Colors Mountain Goat (55% Mohair,45% Wool) in Silberbow. Two of the women who work there commented on how nice it is to work with, and hey, it was 1/2 off.

While I was at the LYS I also picked up 3 balls of novelty eyelash, one skein of Cascade 220 (that was supposed to coordinate with one of the eyelash but when I got home the color was not what I thought it was at the shop), and I also bought A Good Yarn: Knit Along With Debbie Macomber.
See more progress on: knit a clapotis

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