Finishing projects has taken a big blow this week.

I started the sock for the Socknitters beginnerSAM and I didn’t like it so didn’t finish that (gonna rip it).

Started the sock for the Socknitter interSAM but because I have thick ankles I made it with a #2 instead of a #1, but I don’t like the way the fabric is knitting up, finished the lace part and everything, now I’m gonna have to start over with #1 and add an extra repeat, sigh.

I also started Branching Out, but I can only work on that when the kids are asleep, I have to be able to concentrate since I am new to lace knitting.

I have signed up for too many KALs so I think I am going to drop a couple, I can always come back to them later when the pressure is off. I think I’m going to drop Kiri for now, I don’t have the yarn I want to use for it right now and I have too many other projects I want to get finished.

The Mystery Stole Along is almost over so I will go ahead and drop it too, I do want to make it one day, just not now.

So, that will leave on the needles:

  1. Clapotis
  2. Branching Out
  3. Old Shale socks (interSAM)
  4. KPS Easy Childrens Socks in Grey Woolease for my son.

. . . seems like something is missing . . .

I started the socks for my son because I was feeling down about not having any projects . . . shoot . . . my son just walked into the room with my knitting needles, the ones that are supposed to be IN HIS SOCKS!!


One thought on “112060842508105827

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I had fun looking at your Things I’m trying to do list. I’d also like to read all the HP books before I get the 6th… but I have not started yet. I’ve preordered here in town, though, and I’m leaving town for a week and a half on Friday, so I think I can read at least a couple before I return to my reserved copy.

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