This is Basketcase, the InterSAM sock for Aug/Sep. I really like this pattern and will prolly make more than one pair of them. I am knitting it up with superwash Cascade 220 on US4 needles. Since I have thick ankles knitting them up in a thicker yarn makes it so they fit better, that way I don’t have to fiddle with adding extra repeats.

I messed up the pattern alignment a bit when going from the let to the instep. I was knitting the leg on 4 needles instead of 3 (like it says in the pattern) and I wasn’t paying attention to the alignment and it is off. I didn’t notice till I was done with the heel (yea, I know, I should have been paying better attention) and I am not going to rip out the heel and fix it. The socks are for me and I don’t mind, and who is gonna be that close to my feet anyway? In the future I will pay better attention.

I went over to Jennifer’s and we knittted while watching a movie, I was able to finish the heel flap and start the gusset. I know some people don’t like knitting the Eye of Partridge heel, but I really love the look of it and I think it will become my favorite heel.

Ok, now I just have to finish this sock and knit the second one.


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