Yesterday, I printed out a pattern from WildThings for a new knitting bag. I need to sew up the one I already have cut out . . . hmmmm . . . how many knitting bags does one really need?

Speaking of knitting bags, I was at Trader Joe’s today and they had those wonderful lined baskets again. I had to buy another one. This time it was a larger round one (the previous one was a small oval).

Do you ever buy something because the container it comes in would be wonderful for holding your knitting or knitting accessories? Case in point, the clear zip bag that the Bert’s Bees sampler comes in. Love the bag, love the products, it’s a win-win.

Last night I finished the CIC socks. They turned out really well, I think I’m gonna make a couple of pairs for my kids to wear around the house this winter as slippers . . . maybe even a pair for me, too. I took a couple of pics, but they came out blurry, I wiil have to try again later.

While I was surfing the CIC sites I found a pattern for the What’s in My Pocket Vest for CIC. It is very cute and I will be saving all extra wool yarn so I can knit up a few, I won’t have time to get them made for this winter but for next.

After I finished the CIC socks I started working on a baby sweater for one of my mom’s co-workers. I am using the Knitting Pure & Simple Baby Cardigan pattern with some Plymouth Encore worsted.


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