New Knitty is Up!!!

I am so excited!! There are so many cute/beautiful designs!

I have to knit Samus, it took my breath away with it’s wonderful simplicity. Ok, I prolly won’t knit it in orange, maybe a deep rich green or purple.

I really like Cinxia, too. It seem like it would dress up jeans, or could be worn with a simple skirt.

Love Blackberry. I think this would be a great gift sweater, I don’t see myself wearing it, at least until I have lost some weight, seels like the shaping would just accentuate the negative . . . hmmm . . . maybe I could just wear it open.

The socks, Falling Leaves, are very cute, too. I like the solid pair over the varigated, but that is just a personal preference, I think it shows off the pattern better.

. . . and Bubby, who can resist an adorable knit teddy bear?

There are, of course, more patterns, but these are the ones that spoke to me the most.


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