halloween socks v2.0 – finished

The Halloween Socks v2.0 are finally finished and my daughter grabed them and wore them to school today. She declared after I finished the Lacy Heart socks that she really liked the ‘yarn socks’ and wanted me to make more for her.

pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple Basic Children’s Socks, with french heel, stripes inspired by the beginnerSAM pattern
yarn: Cascade 220
needles: US4 Takumi Bamboo
started: 10/11
completed: 10/19

This is pair 3 for Socktoberfest! (4 if you count the booties)


5 thoughts on “halloween socks v2.0 – finished

  1. I love your Halloween socks and your daughter’s! You should definitely look up the Sarah Dallas book, you’ll love it. So you’re in the Seattle area? I grew up in Kirkland and even though I’m down in Portland with many great yarn stores here, I still have a frequent purchase card in my wallet from Hilltop!

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