big day

Yesterday was a big day for the family.

In the morning Daughter had her last soccer game of the season. I was quasi in charge of the end-of-season party so I had to leave early to pick up the cake and Hubby had to get the kids to the soccer field, on time. He did, without too much to-do and the kids played three quarters before the game was called on account of rain. I know, usually soccer is played rain or shine but for 5 year olds there is a point where they are just too wet and too cold to play happily. Daughter’s team did win, 3-0, the first win of the season. So, the season ended with 1 win, 3 ties and 2 loses; though I don’t think the kids even realized it. After the game we all headed over to a local pizza joint for lunch and awards and cake . . . gotta have the cake. 😉

When we got home I told Daughter that if she would clean her room we would all go to a movie that night, not sure what came over me but I was just in a go-to-the-movies mood. She did, so after dinner we went to the discount theatre ($4.50 all day) and watched Madagascar. Cute movie, kids were thrilled. We hardly ever go out like this and since the discount theatre has moved in we will definitely be doing it more often.


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