aakkk!!! I over felted!

I put bag #2 in the washer with a pair of jeans, washed on hot, checked as the 1st agitation was finishing . . . hmmm . . . looks good . . . needs a little more, started the second agitation halfway thru on the dial, checked the bag as it was rinsing . . . OH NO . . . grabbed it out and finished rinsing in the tub and spent the last 10-20 min trying to block it out a bit larger. The bag is now blocked and sitting in the bathroom drying.

Oh, did I mention, I can only find 7 of the 8 holes the handles are supposed to go thru . . . arggggggg!

My last bag took 3 trips thru the washer, it was Cascade 220 and Noro, this one is Lamb’s Pride and Manos.

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