mitten monday update

The mittens have been moved to the back burner until I can finish more of my “out of town” Holiday knitting . . . gotta prioritize here.

for Turkey day:
A wool hat for my Uncle Tom. He lives in AK and I will see him on Thanksgiving. I started it last night; many, many, many times actually.

I’m thinking of making a few felted pot holders as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving, too. I’ll dive into the Cascade 220 stash of leftovers and see what I have.

to be shipped out of town:
2 felted bags (1 felting, one half knit)
1 hat (have yarn and pattern)

local delivery:
1 felted bag for Mom (done)
1 pair socks for Hubby (started) (solid sock KAL)

after the holiday:
6 pairs of socks for Daughter’s 6th b’day (Jan 5th, have yarn for at least 3pr, need to stash dive for the rest) (solid sock KAL)

other knitting on the horizon:
I made Hubby a knit hat last year, it is huge, I need to rip & reknit.
Hermione Hat & Mittens for me. (another weasley KAL)
Mittens for daughter (warm hands KAL)
Esther Williams hat, possibily as a gift for daughter’s teacher. (ew KAL)

I have already started doing a bit of pre-planning for next year, I’m thinking of making a shawls for the women, socks for the men, I don’t know . . . I just wanna have most of it done earlier, like by September . . . a girl can dream can’t she.


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