black friday

Friday is Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping day’s of the year (it used to be #1 but not anymore), but it is also International Buy Nothing Day. Hubby and I have decided to join in and buy nothing on Friday.

The lure of the sales is great, but we will spend the day together. I’ll knit, hubby says he’ll pressure wash the deck, and the kids (hopefully) won’t learn about the ugly side of retail and the formerly religious holiday that has been hijacked by rabid consumerism.


5 thoughts on “black friday

  1. Now, does it count if you buy nothing because the thought of fighting off hoardes of crazed shoppers gives you the willies? Cause that would be me πŸ˜›

  2. Black Friday was “killed” for me a few years ago, when I realized that almost everything I bought “on sale” that day was cheaper yet the day after that (Saturday). So I have no problem w/ buying nothing!

  3. yeah for buying nothing! i just scanned down and thought i would congradulate a fellow buynothinger

    its not like its hard…. well just dont look at any yarn right πŸ™‚

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