monday update

the list keeps changing . . .

to be shipped out of town:

  • 2 felted bags (1 done, 1 knit, 1 90% knit – yes, I know – 3)
  • 1 hat (have yarn and pattern)

local delivery:

after the holiday:

  • 6 pairs of socks for Daughter’s 6th b’day (Jan 5th, have yarn for at least 3pr, need to stash dive for the rest) (solid sock KAL)
  • 1 pair socks for Hubby (started) (moved to anniv in Feb, maybe)

other knitting on the horizon:

  • I made Hubby a knit hat last year, it is huge, I need to rip (done) & reknit
  • Hermione Hat & Mittens for me (another weasley KAL)
  • 1 pair mittens for daughter (1 finished) (warm hands KAL)
  • 1 bulky hot pink sweater for Daughter’s
  • 1 neck down striped pullover for Daughter
  • Slytherin PoA scarf for Hubby (may change to Seahawk colors, if I think I can finish it by the end of the season)
  • Samus for me (have the yarn, just not the time right now)
  • socks for Dad’s b’day in March

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