winter '05 knitty

The new knitty is up . . . I’m going to check it out . . .

. . . ok, I’m back. I think I must be getting old, or I’m just not hip enough . . .

The Toasty Pocket Creatures are adorable and I think Daughter would love them.

Bamboozelle would make a nice gift filled with potpourri or something.

Namaste has a very interesting all over pattern, but I have no use for a yoga mat bag, could be made shorter and used a s a small drawstring bag instead.

Forecast is interesting, but would look beyond horrible on me. Though I’m not sure I like all that garterstitch.

When I saw the name Tubey, I was afraid to look. My worst trailer park nightmares came to mind, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really like the construction on this sweater, it would look like drek on me, but I think I have to find someone to knit it for . . . like my SIL . . . she is tall and slim and I think it would look nice on her.

Bristow is a very nice classic cardigan. I like this one.

Bobblicious . . . umm . . . hell no.

I like my cables to be less random, but I could see using the all over cable pattern from Namaste on Chaos.

Pomatomus and Thuja . . . cool socks, what more is there to say?

Marley’s Ghost . . . umm . . . no.

A Real Stocking Cap, ok, I get the joke, ha ha, but I just don’t see people really wearing it. The designer said she was on “good drugs” after surgery when she thought of it . . . I believe her.

I love Mrs. Beeton, so pretty. I must make these.

Although I like several of the patterns in this knitty, I don’t know that I will knit more than one or two of them.


2 thoughts on “winter '05 knitty

  1. Only a few I’m that into as well, but that seems to be true of most Knitty issues. Different strokes for different folks, right? Mrs. Beeton is definitely on the must knit list, though 🙂

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