i am briliant

No, really, I am. Case in point:

About a year ago our DVD player gave out (ok, the kid killed it) and Hubby bought a new (cheap) DVD player.  One really cool thing about this inexpensive DVD player is that it could play zone 2 (european) DVDs.  This meant I could order trinny & susannah: the rules from Amazon UK . . . woohoo.  I bought it, I watched it, the DVD player died and we had to return it, they were sold out so we couldn’t just exchange it.  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, no more Trinny & Susannah.

Today I was cleaning off the computer desk and found the DVD, and it dawned on me as I looked at my computer screen, ‘hey, maybe I can play this on my computer’s DVD player.”

IT WORKS, I CAN PLAY THIS DVD ON THE COMPUTER . . . YAHOOOOOOOOO! I AM BRILLIANT! Ok, I loose points for not figuring it out last year.


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