domestic day

Yesterday ended up being quite a domestic day for me.  I as looking thru the new Everyday Food and decided I needed to poach up some chicken breasts.  I know a strange thing to need to do, but I cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts, chopped or shredded and put them away so I can have cooked chicken ready to go for use in recipes. 

While the chicken was poaching I decided to make soup for lunch . . . yummy I love homemade soup.  So the kids and I had home made soup and homemade bread for lunch.

Oh, yeah, I made Swope Bread Wednesday night, from a recipe on the Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat flour bag, not to bad for a quick bread, not as light as a yeasted bread, but so much easier.

As I was getting ready to make dinner I was looking in the ‘frig and saw a tube of Grands-style biscuits that needed to be used so I made turnovers with the chopped chicken I had cooked up earlier, frozen veggies and some leftover cheese sauce from the night before.

Now, don’t go thinking this happens every day at my house . . . ha, not even close, but I have been on a bit of a domestic run lately.


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