the definition of irony

I don’t know whether to cry of throw up. 

We have been having trouble with our family computer so I went out and bought an external DVD/CD recorder to back up our family photos and such.  I installed it, but not without some problems.  

I went to burn some knitting pod casts so I could listen to them other than while sitting at the computer, they were gone. I re-downloaded them last night.  This morning I went to backup some things and discovered large portions of ”My Documents” were gone, all the knitting patterns I had downloaded weren’t there, but I can get them online again.  The patterns I had bought and downloaded, gone too, can’t get them again. Worst of all, all my photos are gone . . . nothing . . . no photos . . . no pics of our trip to the beach last summer, but mom has pics she took; no birthday pics; no pics of pets we lost this last year; no pics of the kids just being kids; all gone. 

The only photos I have left are on my blogs, thank G-d for those.

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