good day

I went to Borders yesterday, to sit in the coffee shop and knit.  It was nice to sit and knit and sip coffee and not hear “mom, mommy, mama, MOMMY!” every five minutes.  I was able to finish one of Daughter’s felted slipper and will be starting Son’s soon.  I am making a pair for Daughter and a pair for Son from the Fiber Trends pattern and will felt them at the same time so that there will be no “You like him/her better” stuff going on.  I think Hubby wants me to make a pair for him, but let me finish the ones fro the kids first, the man wears size 11s for heck’s sake.


While I was at Border’s I picked up a couple of cute things, a gift bag that I think will be perfect for carrying small projects, and a birthday/anniversary reminder book. 


I felt the need to do a little shopping so I headed to the mall and finally found some new drinking glasses.  I was really craving some grown-up drinking glasses instead of the clear plastic(acrylic?) ones we have had for a while so the kids couldn’t destroy them.

After getting home from the mall Hubby showered then we all headed out to the discount movie theatre to see Chicken Little.  On the way to the car I picked up the mail and the new Ottobre was there, woohoo! Kids loved the movie, I think it could have been better. 

On the way home Hubby stopped so I could run into Village Yarn & Tea to pick up a pattern booklet.  I ended up comming home with the pattern booklet, Dalegarn 142, and, from the tea side of the store, a small tea pot. I think I need to make a tea cozy for it.


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