day two – mid-day check in

I’m back from the SnB, and in the 2 hours I was there I knitted 5 rows.   OK, I knitted more than 5 rows but I kept ending up with extra stitches and having to tink back and re-knit.  *sigh*  I finally figured out what I was doing wrong to end up with extra stitches; when I would ssk, p, k2tog I was not bringing my yarn to the back and ended up adding a yo in between the p and K2tog.   OK, now I won’t do that anymore, right?  I also discovered I did better when I switched to the chart.

The mail came and my order from The Knitting Zone arrived.  Now all you Stashalongers, don’t you worry, I didn’t buy any yarn.  The order was for beads for the Odessa hat and the cutest little DPNs I ever saw, ChiaoGoo 5″ 3.25mm.  They are just so cute, I just wanna cast on a sock, right now, but I will wait until my Olympic Knitting is completed.


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