day one wrap-up

Well, day one was not quite as successful as I had hoped.  According to The Plan here is where I am:

Feb 10 – Opening Ceremonies – 40 rows – 26 rows (-14)

In my defense I was at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show all day and was not able to cast on until after 7:30p.  I do know this was poor scheduling, but it was the only day Mom and I could go together while Hubby watched the kids.  I shall strive to complete yesterdays rows and todays so that I will not be trying to overcome the shortage later when the rows will take much longer to finish.

I did have a good time at the garden show.  Mom and I took the bus to avoid trying to find parking down town.  We did quite a bit of browsing, some shopping and more shopping.  The deal of the day, for me, was a new knitting bag.  It’s a large bag, and I mean large, this will hold a big project,  with sturdy sides so it stands up on it’s own and it’s lined with a drawsting closure, I paid $10 for it, such a deal.

I also bought a pair of garden shoes, crocs beach in fuschia.  Very bright, so I won’t loose them if I kick them off in the yard; washable, so I can just hose them off after being in the garden or coop; and they are comfy too, they are unisex sizes so they are wider the average women’s shoes and they fit really will.

hmmmm, what else did I bring home with me?  Some fireweed honey (yummy), a ton of catalogs, I signed up for some estamates for a new roof and windows since we are in the middle of a re-fi to make some improvements to the house. Oh, I also picked up a shea butter solid lotion bar and a small tin of Honey Balm with bees wax and shea butter, it smells very lightly of honey and is perfect to tuck into the knitting bag.

I have a Stitch and Bitch to be at in a little over and hour, I better get moving.


5 thoughts on “day one wrap-up

  1. Just stopping by to cheer you on in the Olympics. Not sure what team you ended on of the many on your list–I love the Team What The Hell Was I Thinking best!

    So I’ll just say, Go Ginger! =)

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