day two wrap-up

I did manage to catch up and ever get a bit ahead after I put the kids to bed. 

Feb 11 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 37 rows (+3)
Feb 10 – Opening Ceremonies – 40 rows – 26 rows (-14)

Knitted, watched some Veronica Mars (oh, btw, who was the guy singing Veronica in last weeks episode? it’s been bugging me all week), watched some Harry Potter: PoA, had a beer (Weinhard’s Blue Boar Pale Ale, my current favorite), ate some pretzels; not necessarily in that order.

I am finding that my knitting is getting faster; part of this is because I am now using the chart, also with the rows getting longer it is easier to get into the rhythm of the pattern without having to look back at the chart as often.  Right now my eyes are getting tired and it’s getting late so I’m calling it a day.


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