day three wrap-up

. . . in which we go to the ER.

Things are not going according to plan, but are not as far off as they could be.

Feb 12 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 15 rows (-2)
Feb 11 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 37 rows (+3)
Feb 10 – Opening Ceremonies – 40 rows – 26 rows (-14)

Yesterday’s plan was to do family things during the day then knit in the evening after the kids and Hubby went to bed.  Hubby has to be at work at 4am on Mondays so he goes to bed shorly after the kids on Sunday nights.  Well, the day went according to plan; shopping at Costco, working the yard, watch the neighbor pull down a tree, dinner, bathe the kids & put them to bed, kiss Hubby goodnight and sit down to knit. 

10 minutes later . . .
“Mom, I have something to tell you.”
“Daughter, why are you out of bed?”
“No, really I have something to tell you. My heart is beating really really fast.”

Crap!  Yep, in the 190s.  Shit!  Call the ped, take her to the ER.  At least they weren’t really busy, and when you say things like SVT they move you right on back to a bed.  The SVT had resolved it’s self by the time we got there, but she had an ECG and they talked to one of the cardiologist at Children’s Hospital.  They let us go home with instructions to watch her and make an appt at the Heart Center today.  She goes in at 1pm.  Looks like the WPW didn’t go away like everyone thought.

I did take my knitting with me to the ER, but didn’t do any knitting, just read Horton Hears a Who to daughter.  I am convinced that if I hadn’t brought my knitting we would still be there, but since I was ready for the long haul you we got to go home.

After we got home I did actually do some knitting, nervous energy, but I finally had to head to bed at about 1am.  Just couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. 


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