day four wrap-up

. . . in which we are thankful we didn’t get cocky and think we didn’t need to put in lifelines.

 Feb 13 - 1 repeat - 10 rows – knit 9, rip 7, knit 10 (0)
Feb 12 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 15 rows (-2)
Feb 11 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 37 rows (+3)
Feb 10 – Opening Ceremonies – 40 rows – 26 rows (-14)

I kept daughter home from school today since we were out so late last night, and because I needed to get her into see the cardiologist and I really didn’t want to disrupt her class by pulling her out in the middle if I was able to get and appt.

I was able to get an appointment and things went, basically, the way I thought they would.  She had another ECG, she has been put on a Holter Monitor for 24hrs, and other than that we are going to take the wait and see approach.  She has been off her medication for almost 2 years and this is the first major episode she has had, neither of us feel it would be a good idea to put her back on the medication, at least at this time, the results of the Holter may change things.


Quite the fashion statement isn’t it.  There are 6 leads, hmm, might be more but I’m not going to wake her up to count, that go to a small recording device, about the size of a pager, that she wears in a small pouch on a belt.  The mesh shirt is to keep the wires from getting tangled or caught on something.  She will wear it until about 2pm tomorrow and when she was getting ready for bed tonight she asked me if the kids at school would laugh at her.  I told her no, I hope I wasn’t lieing, I think the kids will be more curious than anything.  I will take her to school in the morning so I can have a quick chat with her teacher. 


After dinner we sat down and made Valentines for her classmates, she was in heaven, doileys, glue, and stickers. What could be better.


7 thoughts on “day four wrap-up

  1. Nothing like a little zero-sum knitting up there . . .

    Tell your daughter that it’s not every kid who knows what their heartbeat looks like all day. It’s definitely something special.

  2. Ah, the itchy joy of a Holter monitor! I know that feeling well. I had Lyme Disease *really* badly as a teenager and along with it was 2nd degree heart block. So with that came all those fun things (the *funnest* being in the Telemety ward of the hospital at age 17 with all the other… 80 year olds… FUN!). I just had an Echo and in a week I get to have a fancy *exercise* stress test. JOY! These are routine things, so no worries here.

    Give your daughter a present for when they take the monitor off- it’s worse than having your eyebrows waxed!

  3. Sorry, I missed you this week for Stashalong. I fixed the links and stuff 🙂 I think I was having a flakey mom moment or something 😉 I hope everything is okay with your daughter–she’ll be in my thoughts.

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