day five wrap-up

I just realized I didn’t do my update for yesterday, so here it is.

 Feb 14 – 1 repeat – 10 rows – knit 11 (-7)
Feb 13 - 1 repeat - 10 rows – knit 9, rip 7, knit 10 knit 2 (-8)
Feb 12 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 15 rows (-2)
Feb 11 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 37 rows (+3)
Feb 10 – Opening Ceremonies – 40 rows – 26 rows (-14)

The first thing you may notice is that there was a change made to the knitting numbers for the 13th.  Well, I wrote the update after I had ripped the 7 rows, but before I had knitted the 10.  I planned on knitting the 10 rows, I really did. 

Now, if you go back and look at the time on that post you will see that is was just after midnight, what the heck was I thinking?  Ten rows of lace after midnight, I think not, at least not that night, I got thru two. 

Yesterday was the ‘Free Day’ for the Stashalong.  I did give in and buy yarn.  I have been wanting to start a sweater for myself, I had the pattern, but not the yarn.  Now the yarn is on order. 

Yesterday was also Valentine’s Day and I hope you all had a great day.  We woke up to snow here.  The kids spent quite a bit of time outside playing in the snow, until it melted off about noon.  School was delayed 2hrs and that meant there was no morning kindergarden, so I didn’t have to worry about her at school with the Holter, at 2pm we took it off and Daughter looked like she had been attacked by an octopus.  She was so funny I took off the leads but she wouldn’t let me take off the ‘stickers’, she had to do that.  She just pulled them all off, if I had done it she would have hollered like I was killing her, she does it, not a peep.

Son wanted a sticker so I took one of the extras and put it on him, her was so proud of it and kept pulling up his shirt and saying, “See, see!”  What a silly boy.


3 thoughts on “day five wrap-up

  1. The best thing about ordering the yarn is that you get the thrill twice – first when you order it, then when it arrives.

    Glad the Holter didn’t cause any problems.

  2. *makes mental note never to knit lace after midnight*

    Heh, exactly what Theresa said – I ordered yarn, too, so I could enjoy anticipating it and getting it after the free day!!! 🙂

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