day nine wrap-up

. . . in which we have a very full day.

Feb 18 - 1 repeat – 10 rows knit 1, rip 6, knit 10 (110)(-30)
Feb 17 - 1 repeat – 10 rows (105)(-25)
Feb 16 - 1 repeat – 10 rows knit 1/2, rip 6.5, knit 5 (95)(-25)
Feb 15 – 1 repeat – 10 rows  knit 3 (96)(-14)
Feb 14 – 1 repeat – 10 rows – knit 11 (93) (-7)
Feb 13 - 1 repeat - 10 rows – knit 9, rip 7, knit 2 (82) (-8)
Feb 12 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 15 rows (78)(-2)
Feb 11 - 2 repeats - 20 rows – 37 rows (63)(+3)
Feb 10 – Opening Ceremonies – 40 rows – 26 rows (-14)

I am not going to comment on the way the knitting is going, I’m just not gonna.  grrr . . . stupid YOs.  On the plus side I was looking over the pattern and I have knitted enough rows to complete the small shawl. I had always planned on making the large shawl, but at this point I will settle for the small shawl and any more repeats added to it will be a bonus. I will start the edging on the 21st as planned with whatever I have at that point.  I mean, do I really need a 90″ shawl? 

Yesterday was a very full day.  My folks came over to watch the kids while we went to sign the refi papers again (better interest rate, so I can’t complain too much).  On the way home from that we stopped and picked up a drain snake so hubby could fix the bathroom sink.  Back home, then out again to take whole family, with folks, to lunch.  My order from was waiting on the doorstep when we got home, horray! 

(pic to come, couldn’t gat a good one)

Kids helped hubby fix the bathroom sink. I helped too and broke a nail doing so, out the the nail salon to get it repaired and get a fill. This is the one really girley thing I do.  I have horrible nails, thin and brittle, so I started going last summer to get gels.  I love them, they ususally don’t break. 


While I was out I decided to drive down to Acorn Street in Seattle to pick up a 40″ circ for my shawl, but they didn’t have it.  I am currently working on a 29″ clover bamboo and I feel switching to an addi turbo at this time would be a baaaaaad idea, and they didn’t have any bamboo addis.  oh, well the 29″ is ok for now, I just think it might get to be too much in another couple of repeats.  While I was at Acorn Street I looked thru the books and patterns, came home with EAC’s Butterfly Shawl and EZ’s Knitters Almanac. 

After the kids were in bed, I spent the evening knitting while hubby and I watched Lost in Oblivion.  It is an amusing movie about the making of an indy film. We also watched some Battlestar Galacitca, good stuff.  Did I mention my wrist is starting to bother me, too much knitting I think, need to take some Tylenol.  I bet a lot of Olympic knitters are experiencing this, especially those of us who don’t usually knit like this.  Here’s hoping I don’t get Kwan-ed.


3 thoughts on “day nine wrap-up

  1. I love reading your Olympic progress. It reminds me of what happens to me when I knit lace–two steps forward then one or more back 🙂 Hang in there! Just passing through on Stashalong patrol–have a great week!

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