all at once

Why does it seem all the magazines, I like to pick up, come out all at once?  I had to run to the store to pick up pins to block my shawl, and there they were, four magazines I almost always pick up and one I occasionally buy.  I know, if I am picking up more than half of them a year I should just subscribe, but I haven’t yet.  I also ran thru the pattern section and picked up a booklet on adding crochet edges to fleece baby blankets.


Since I was at the craft store I picked up a package of beading needles so I can start Odessa and some tiny crochet needles for beading Mrs Beeton.


I did get the pins to block the shawl, I have a history of not getting the one thing I went to the store to buy and having to go back . . . and since US Olympic Team Gold Medalists receive performance bonuses I thought I should get one too.


I know opinion varies on this needle set, but (one of) the next projects I am planning calls for a 40″ US11.  I was planning on getting Clover Bamboos, but I have recently been told the join on the 40″ circs were not too good, hmmm.  I looked at AddiTurbos but they scare me because I have a nickle allergy and I don’t want my hands to get red and ichy, I know, I’m picky like that, and I have a fear of buying them and then needing to buy another set because I don’t get gauge with the first ones.  This way I can just switch out tips until I find the one that works.


Here is the shawl, all dry and folded nicely.  The final reveal will be tomorrow when the sun is out and I can get a good pic outside.


3 thoughts on “all at once

  1. *anticipation*

    How has Cast On been recently? I used to subscribe, but got frustrated with the patterns.

    Also, in all your blog wandering, did you ever go from blogspot to typepad? There’s another knitblogger who is trying to, but not getting good clear info on bringing over her old posts and comments…

  2. Egads. I left this comment once; I hope it works this time.

    Thank you SO much for suggesting Elann. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. Now I know where my money will be spent *mwah!*

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