no grass

. . . growing under my feet.  I cast on Branching out on Saturday night, hey if I can knit up a whole shawl, a scarf shouldn’t be any trouble.  Especially since I finally found where my skein of SilkyWool was hiding (under the bed, in a bag, with 3 balls of sock yarn).


. . . but it has been put on hold because I realized last night that tomorrow is the end of the month. If I want credit for the Sock-a-Month KAL I have to knit up the mate to the one I knit in January. 

No worries, I am SuperKnitter; able knit lace shawls in a single fortnight.  Ok, I think I’ve let this one go to my head a bit, lol.  I cast on the sock this morning and will work on it again tonight and I still have all day tomorrow . . . no worries.


3 thoughts on “no grass

  1. Go, you! Branching Out is actually a bit fiddly at first, but the results are just plain gorgeous. And the Silky Wool gets so soft and silky once it’s washed! It looks beautiful so far.

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