new dress

This morning I woke up and decided to make Daughter a dress for the Father – Daughter dance at her school tonight.  This is what things looked like at 10:40.


I had finished cutting it all out by 11:30.


I finished sewing it up except for the hem and tried it on Daughter, umm, I had forgotten the first rule of sewing . . . MEASURE THE FLAT PATTERN!  It was way too big.  I took in the sides shortened the hem and it was better.  The neckline still gapes a bit and I pinned her into the dress when she was getting ready so I could take up a bit of the fullness in the back.  I think I will resew the back seam and neck facing so it will fit properly, I don’t think there is anything I can do about the front.  I am not totally thrilled with the outcome, but most of my issues are with what I had to do to make it smaller, not necessarily the pattern it’s self.  I do think she looked adorable going out the door to the tropical themed dance.


pattern:  McCall’s 3134, view A
fabric:  1.5 yards cotton knit pique I received in a swap a year or two ago
start/finish:  March 4th
notes:  Always measure the pattern first!  Saves a lot of frustration.  I do like the pattern and I am sure I will make it again, I will fold out some of the fullness in the front and back next time, unless she has grown a LOT in the mean time. 


One thought on “new dress

  1. The dress is so cute!! I have such a pile of sewing to get to it is unbelievable…For some odd reason I decided the girl’s NEEDED bathrobes. So I have 4 yards of flannel covered in pink poodles. Like I have the time!

    She looks great, and I hoped she enjoyed the dance with dad. You did a great job!

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