for a pimp

Well, last night I watched the Oscars . . . and . . . knitted.  I know, such a surprise!  Here on the left coast the Oscars are on early so while the kids played on the computer (educational game site) I made dinner, during the comercial breaks and then shuffeled them off to bed.  Hubby has to work really early on Monday mornings (4am) so he headed off to bed at 8p, and I finished watching the last half hour with my knitting, and the dog.

I enjoyed the Academy Awards this year.  No big surprises, but most of the categories had several nominees I would have liked to see win.  Ok, I take that back, Best Original Song surprised me.  I love the song from Crash and I loved the performance, the slow motion thing was a bit strange – but the singing was beautiful, and I wanted it to win.  It didn’t and we got to see a very Grammy-esque acceptance speach from the homeys.  I will never understand the whole singing about drugs, killing, pimping, and disrespecting women then ‘giving it up to Jesus’ in the acceptance yelling and talking over each other speach.  I guess I just don’t get it.

I liked John Stewart as a host, funny but not over the top.  I loved the opening with all the past hosts turning it down, too funny.  I didn’t see too many fashion disasters, I mean real ‘who let you out of the house looking like that’ disasters, that’s too bad because being a bit catty is half the fun.

Since the show was over at 8:30p here, and I wasn’t ready for bed, I put in House of Flying Daggers.  I tried to watch it in english, I just couldn’t do it, had to switch to subtitles, the dubbing was just too silly.  When I finished knitting for the night Branching Out was half done . . . woohoo!


2 thoughts on “for a pimp

  1. You accomplished a lot this week–the dress for your daughter is darling:) Just passing through on Stashalong patrol–have a great week!

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