more and more

Over at artsy-crafty babe, Beki posted about being a fabric-a-holic, something I am well acquainted with.  Here was my response:

I understand what you are going thru completely.  I have many, many bins of fabric in various places around my house.  Some I bought to make diapers for my son, who is now almost 4yo and the diapers did not get made, I just bought prefolds.  Some was purchased for me, so I could make clothes for me that fit correctly, I am plus size and find a good fit is almost impossible.  I have made 2 shirts for myself.  Some was bought for quilting, I see very few finished quilts laying around my home.  Ok, I have made several for baby gifts, but not enough to justify the stash.  I bought quite a bit to sew clothes for my children, and now whenever they need clothes and I end up buying them because I don’t have time to sew, I feel guilty. 

Earlier this year I started going thru my fabric with the intention of selling some of it.  I actually felt like I was going to have a panic attack a couple of times and had to call a friend to talk me down. I did actually sell some fabric, tho I need to get rid of more.

It can be a slippery slope, there will always be more fabric.  The world is not going to have a fabric shortage.  The fabric stores are not going to all go out of business.  There will always be more fabric, yarn, scrapbooking supplies, etc., it just doesn’t need to be in your house.

This is something I am learning slowly.


2 thoughts on “more and more

  1. I have fabric for lots of different purposes too – clothing for me and my kids, my house, my crafting, etc. The only good thing is that I have a place to put it all. I don’t think I can part with any of mine, but I sure can slow down the stashing!

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