project spectrum



pattern:  Corrugated Dulann Hat from Mason-Dixon Knitting
yarn:  Cascade 220 in red and light pink
needles:  Clover Bamboo US7 16″ circ and US6 DPNs
started:  March 8th        finished:  March 9th
notes:  Corrugated ribbing is a new technique for me, and I love it.  I use the pick and throw method rathen than slipping the stitches and haveing to make two passes for each round.  It went rather smoothly but my picked stitches were a bit tighter than the thrown ones.  I know it will just take time and practice to get them more even.   

I cast on the largest size, 72sts, since I was using a lighter wool than called for in the pattern and ended up with a baby/small child’s hat.  Next time, if I use Cascade 220, I will double up the yarn for a larger size hat.

This hat will be donated to the Dulann Project and is in pink and red for Project Spectrum.


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