good mail day – bad stash day

I went to the library this morning and picked up a few books for daughter and a couple for myself; Men in Knits, Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified, and The Secret Life of a Knitter.  As I got home the mail was arriving and my order from The Knitting Zone arrived.  Woohoo!


One of the LYS is having a storewide sale, 30% off this week and 40% off next week.  I decided to go and have a look, maybe pick up a couple of patterns.  Really, I can be strong, I can delay gratification.  Shut up! I can too . . . umm . . . just not today. 


That is seven skeins of wonderful Mission Falls 1824 wool, purchased at 30% off, so I can make this sweater for my daughter.


My Stashalong days have come to an end.  I will try again starting April 1st, I love the Stashalong and love the idea of knitting from my stash, but I just couldn’t resist the sale. 

Here are some out-takes from today’s photoshoot, Son wanted to be in the pictures.

outtake1.jpg  outtake2.jpg  outtake3.jpg


3 thoughts on “good mail day – bad stash day

  1. Oh how jealous I am. Good for you-I can’t resist a sale either.
    That is so funny about son in your pictures, I always have some small body part in mine too. I also have two picture-loving cats to complicate things.

  2. You got some good stuff! Sorry we’re losing you in Stashalong–I can’t tell you how close I have come to buying yarn in the last couple of weeks, withdrawl has officially set in.

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