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Over at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic it was asked: Are you ashamed of your fabric collection?  She goes on to state that she doesn’t understand this or the possible thinking behind it.  I do.  I understand. 

This was my comment on her blog:

Yes, I am ashamed of my fabric stash.

Now, let me say I have no problem with other people’s fabric stash, heck, have at it.  It’s your life, your money, your fabric.

I am frustrated because mine has gotten to the point that it has paralized me.  I look and all this fabric and don’t know where to start. 

I tend to be a perfectionist and instead of doing things and getting them done I get into the mindset of it has to be perfect.  Can’t use this fabric because I don’t have the right pattern for it.  Can’t use this fabric because I need to make a muslin first and I don’t have time to do it right.  Can’t. Can’t. Can’t. 

It is a horrible mindset to get into.  Why do you think FlyLady has so many subscribers to her list?

I guess, just because you do not understand another’s feelings does not mean that they are not valid and shouldn’t be respected.

Let me just add that most of the time I appreciate my fabric stash.  In 2005 I sewed very little from it, I think a actualy sewed two things.  Two.  All this fabric, which I will be showing for Flash Your Stash 2006 (I know FYS is originally for yarn stash but, hey, stash is stash) and I only made two items.  To my thinking this is so wrong.  I am trying to get back to sewing this year and will be using some of my fabric collection, and no, I have now plans on adding to my fabric stash in the near future.

Now, I am sure this will make quite a few people uncomfortable or defensive or just plain mad.  I am sorry for that.  I’m just another person comming to terms with the phrase ’embarassment of riches’.


One thought on “more on more and more

  1. I understand and can relate. Jeanne was giving me crap about some yarn I’d ordered without asking her if she wanted something from there. And I realized I hadn’t told her because, um, well, I had some shame about buying yarn when I already had so much…

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