bad blogger, no cookie

I have things to blog about and do I blog? No, what a slacker, sheesh.

Last Friday Hubby stayed home from work.  Since it’s March Madness, there is no news so they didn’t need Hubby, he’s been putting in a ton of overtime so he took a sick day.  Since he was home I took a friend her b’day present, only a month late, and took her out to lunch.  We headed off to the University Village and ran a couple of errands before heading to Zao Noodle Bar for lunch.  The place was packed, it always is at lunch, so we had to wait a bit before being seated, so worth the wait. 

About half way thru lunch the business men seated next to us left an as two women were being seated I noticed one of them was wearing a lace leaf shawl.  “Hey, I’ve made that shawl.” 

The conversation continued in a surreal manner (not verbatum)

“Wow, how pretty”
“Thank you, it’s handspun”
“What did you make yours from?”
“Mountin Goat, from Mountian Colors.  I did it for the Knitting Olympics.”
“Oh, really, did you finish?”
“Did you get your Gold Medal?”
“It’s proudly displayed on my blog”
“What’s your blog?”
“I’ve been there! What’s your name?
“We’ve chatted before on the KAL, I’m Rebecca and this is Peggy.”

Holey moley!  What are the odds?  Not only that, Rebecca recognized my friend Jennifer because she shops at the LYS Rebecca used to work at  . . . and . . . she knew Jennifer’s husband because he worked at a neighborhood restaurant Rebecca frequented. 

What are the odds? I mean really! How many things had to go just right for us to all be in the same noodle shop haveing lunch next to each other at the same time. Kinda boggles the mine, well, at least my mind.

We has such a nice chat and I got to see Peggy’s shawls in person, both the one she was wearing and the one she was she was knitting, and I got to watch Peggy knit.  It was mesmerizing.  I throw when I knit, I can knit continental but forget purling or any type of manipulation of stitches.  At one time I did learn the Norwegian purl, but have since forgotten how to do it.  I have got to take a continental knitting class. 

Oh, did I mention that after Jennifer and I left Zao I realized I had my camera in my purse and I could have gotten a picture for the blog . . . bad blogger.

After lunch I went back to the Wooly Monkey.  Sigh, after dropping out of the Stashalong I have gone a bit crazy.  I ended up walking out of there with a bunch of new patterns, some cool Pony split stitch markers and yarn for two kids sweaters and a shawl.

wm_patterns.jpg   wm_yarn.jpg

On the way home I stopped at JoAnn and picked up some cotton for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, since my cotton stash was quite small.  


I also picked up the new Piecework which has an article on colorwork by Nancy Bush, and it looks to be the first in a series.  I want to try knitting the cuffs, but I’ll prolly make them into mittens instead of just cuffs, I really like the braided edge on them.

Saturday and Sunday morning were spent doing some spring cleaning, it seems to be an epidemic in the blogsphere.  I also, finally, ripped out the striped sweater.  I was just not happy with it, I think if I had made the stripes narrower it would have been better, but as is, well, it just screams HOMEMADE at me, so it went from this:


to this: 


Let me just add that KnitPicks is closeing out some colorways of their sock yarns and has Regia Cotton Surf . . . don’t ask.  This time of year Hubby has lots of overtime, the rest of the year he has none, so while there is a bit of extra $$ I am stocking up for the rest of the year.  No more big purchases for me. The rest of the year will be stash knitting, with the possible exception of some holiday knitting. 


4 thoughts on “bad blogger, no cookie

  1. Fun – you got to meet bloggers, too!!

    Lots of great yarn! Heh, I definitely ended up with more yarn because of my Stashalong backlash than I think I would’ve had otherwise… sigh.

  2. That was a FUN small world story! I remember it just that way. Peggy and I told everyone we thought would care and we all laughed about how Seattle really is a small town in a lot of ways. I’ll be seeing you on the Evelyn Clark KAL! Go Flower Basket Shawl!

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