have I told you

. . . how much I love Elann.com?  Every time I order from them I remember how much I love them.  I placed an order with another company on Thursday and with Elann.com the next Tuesday.  This is what arrived today, while I was making lunch for the kids:


I put it aside, even though I wanted to rip it open right then and there, and finished makeing lunch for the kids.  As I was serving up the grub my friend Jennifer called and we started chatting.  All of a sudden I jumped up, “Hey! I got a package in the mail today!” and I ripped that box open lickity split.  This is what was inside:


. . . sock yarn!  Cotton blend sock yarn!  Brightly colored, cotton blend sock yarn! From Elann.com! Daughter has already claimed several skeins.  The ones she claimed will also qualify for Project Spectrum, guess I will be casting on some socks shortly.

I’ll keep watching for the order from the other company, but I’m sure it won’t be here for another 7 to 10 days.  Waiting builds character, right?


7 thoughts on “have I told you

  1. Oh, wonderful elann.com… You got some great colors there! Hmm, I think you have the entire rest of Project Spectrum covered. 🙂

    Um, does it help to consider it building anticipation?

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