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Four years ago yesterday, I introduced my daughter to her little brother, she thought he was the best thing in the world.  She would just watch him while he slept and pat him softly on the head.  Now, she thinks he’s pesky and I often have to tell her to stop sitting on him, but he adores her completely.

My dad and Bubba share a birthday. When I told my dad my due date he responded with,”Maybe he’ll be born on my birthday.”  “No!”, I yelled, that would add 9 days, no way in heck.  Well, he was born on dad’s birthday and so instead of naming him Jacob he was named after my father.  Guess it was meant to be. Nine. Days. Late.


I made a banana cake with chocolate frosting, it was a hit.


Daughter was just as excited about the gifts as Bubba.  He received several nice gifts, including quite a few books, some Playdoh, and a Gears! set (very cool building set).  Bubba did a bit of reading while Hubby decided ‘some assembly required’ sucks!

bubbabuzz.jpg  smallpieces.jpg


5 thoughts on “Bubba

  1. Happy birthday to bubba and your dad. When I was pregnant with my first son my dad said the same thing “maybe you’ll have twins on my birthday”(dad was an identical twin) I assured him that the baby was due May 27 and would surely be here by dad (and my uncle’s) birthday June 6. My son was born June 19. Longest two weeks of my life.

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