Stash Flash


This is where I keep my yarn stash, in a large steamer trunk at the end of my bed.  WIPs are usually in baskets around the house, but I also keep UFOs in the trunk.  To see more detailed pictures of my stash just click on the photo above.


Besides being Flash Your Stash day is is also the beginning of Use What You Have month.  I am excited about UWYH since I have had a bit of a “stashlash” since I left the Stashalong, and maybe I’ll use some of my fabric stash, too.



29 thoughts on “Stash Flash

  1. Love your organization, wish mine was more so!! I love the idea of “use what you have month”, I’ve been having a few of those “use what you have month”-s lately 🙂

  2. Lovely set of yarn. I take it the x means it has been used since the photos – what happened with that scrumptious mountain colors in the bottom right corner?

  3. So organized!! Yeah, the StashLash is an evil, evil thing.

    Mmmm…. you have some lovey sock yarn. Mmmm… Obviously, I’m a hopeless case, aren’t I?!

  4. You have some lovely stash, especially the sock yarn. And you sew too! Yikes, I’d end up needing a big house if I had more than one hobby!

  5. Before I bought my dresser, I so wanted a big trunk. But I couldn’t find anything I really, really liked. I love the pictures of all the yarns – see some familiar stuff in there! Thanks for coming by my blog today.

  6. I can’t believe you have all that wool in that one trunk – unbelievable; I may have to take some packing lessons from you :0). YOu got some nice stash there! I also love your fabric stash – woohoo – you must have some fun with your dual addictions!

    Thanks for flashing your stash!

  7. See, that is why I won’t let myself learn how to sew. Then I would have another stash and I don’t need another stash. I would have to buy a bigger house!
    Great stash pics!

  8. Your steamer trunk is deceptive: what an array of yarns in your photo gallery! Thanks for sharing. Happy April knitting and sewing! (Nice to see another soul who’s pairing Stash Flash and the start of a UWYH month!)

  9. Very nice stash! Thanks for the comment on mines. I’m still a beginner, only been at it for a few months, but I’m loving it and can see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

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