knitting funk

I’ve been knitting, but I’m not enjoying it.  Ok, that’s not exactly true, I enjoy the knitting when I finally start it but it’s the lack of motivation to actully knit that I’m not enjoying.  It’s the time change, I’m sure of it.  It always messes with my body clock.  I am not a morning person to start with but waking up an hour earlier is not my idea of a good time.  It will take a bit of time for my body to adjust, until then I’ll be drinking lots of coffee.

Two March dishcloths have been finished for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, but I haven’t taken any pics yet.  A pinwheel blanket has been started, and another KAL was joined, after there was a post about it over at whip up.  A stash dive came up with this yarn (the rainbow one), there were almost five skeins and it’s 100% superwash wool. 

There are so many projects in the queue that I want to start now, but I’m not.  April is Orange & Yellow for Project Spectrum and the plan is to knit up the Flower Basket Shawl, for the EAC-KAL, in KnitPicks Sock Garden in Zinnia (red-orange-yellow), but it isn’t started and this is the pattern for March/April.  You see the problem.

Also need to knit up a pair of socks for the Sock-a-Month, no socks on the needles, lots of sock yarn, quite a few patterns, no socks.

While going thru some fabric stash I found a cute chicken knit that I have been planning on making into a dress for Daughter since I purchased it (two years ago?).  The print would be perfect for this months PS, full of yellows and oranges.  Actually there is a lot of orange in my fabric stash, maybe I should do a mini SWAP for her.  


Now comes the part of the post where I rant about my family:

I think the other part of my funk is due to something that happened a couple of weeks ago when we went to a family birthday party for my dad and my aunt.  I found out a few months ago that my cousin and his wife were expecting a baby in July.  I was thrilled and since I knew that they were in the process of buying his father’s business and a new house, so I offered to give them some baby clothes.  I had been thinking of taking all of the outgrown baby clothes to the consignment shop or sell them on e-bay, but I figured they could use them since they have so much going on.  Also offered a crib, baby dresser and a changing table.  They accepted and I brought the clothes to party. 

I have never had such a cold reception from a family member in my life.  Only greeted my husband and I because there was no other option since we were standing chatting with the rest of the family.  I brought the two bags of clothes up to the house so they could put them in their car, there was no acknowledgement.  I asked my aunt and cousin Vivian if they really wanted the baby clothes or they were ‘just being nice’ about it, because it really didn’t matter to me, I mean it’s not like I would have been offended if they had said no thanks.  I was assured that, yes, they did want the clothes, that they sure could use them. 

As my cousin and his wife were getting ready to leave my aunt was helping them pack up some thing and chatting with them, at that point my cousin looked up and “oh, hey, thanks for the baby clothes.”  Sigh, too bad his mom had to remind him to say thanks.  His wife also made a comment about getting in touch with us in the next couple of months about the baby furniture and the boy or girl baby clothes after the baby is born (I had only brought the neutral clothes). 

I am now regreting offering these thing to them.  As I look back I see a pattern of cool-ness toward us, of superiority, just plain rudeness, and this makes me sad.  Sad that I didn’t see it before now.  I grew up with this guy, we were the youngest two of the cousins and spent a lot of time together, now . . . I just don’t know.

I had been so excited about knitting something for them, I had been going thru my stash, buying patterns, getting really excited about knitting something for a baby since I didn’t start knitting until my kids were past that stage.  Now, not so much.

Now what do I do?

4 thoughts on “knitting funk

  1. Oh, how frustrating. Um, I’d say not to bother knitting anything because it seems as if it would just increase your frustration. And definitely let them make any further moves on the rest of the baby items.

    Hopefully you’ll find just enough inspiration to start something in cheery orange & yellow to help bring you out of your funk… And if it helps – I’m having a contest for some very April appropriate sock yarn. 🙂

  2. There’s no reason to knit something that you’re not in love with making, right? Other people buy baby presents, and you can to. Or, if you are still excited about making a baby sweater, think of it as a present for the baby and not the parents. While knitting it you can think of all the grief this child will give the parents when it is sweet and polite to its favorite aunt as it grows up. 🙂

  3. I think you’ve been generous enough. I wouldn’t bother knitting them anything. It is hard to put forth the time and effort to make something when it isn’t appreciated.

  4. Oh Ginger..I am sorry you are feeling so sad..some times family SUCKS….but i am sure you’ll do whats right in your heart and feel good about it in the end!


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