it's over

. . . the pity party, that is.

Frack ’em!  No baby knitting here, at least for them.  I’ll spend a few dollars and get them a token gift, and if I am invited to the ‘family baby shower’ I’ll be so sorry that I already had plans and, gee, we just can’t change them.

If the furniture isn’t picked up by the end of the month I’ll list it on Craigs List and I think I’m just gonna list the clothes on e-bay, unless there is anyone out there who is preggo or just had a baby that needs them.  If so just leave a comment and I’ll e-mail you. 


2 thoughts on “it's over

  1. One more thing – I wouldn’t send/offer any reminders, to anyone in the family. They sound awful and I think you’ve done plenty. How awful to have that kind of reception!

    (I’ve known dirt-poor couples who thought their child should have everything new, didn’t want anything used or from a thrift store. Of course, they were broke, so they seriously thought all their friends and family would take care of this for them.)

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