washie, washie

WARNING:  This post contains actual knitting content.



Pattern:  Lacey Round – mid-March KAL at the Monthly Dishcloth
Yarn: Lion Cotton
Needles: Clover Bamboo US6
Start/Finish:  Mar/Apr
Notes:  I made the green one first then made another in yellow because I thought it would look like a sunshine. =)  The yellow cloth used a provisional cast-on and a three needle bind-off. 


Here is the start of my pinwheel blanket (started Apr 4th).  Since it has so many colors in it I figure I when I finish I’ll add a border in what ever Project Spectrum color is current.  Clear as mud?  

Like the basket?  I found it Trader Joe’s on clearance . . . woohoo . . . I’m planning on making a cloth liner for it too.  I have a weakness for baskets, especially if they’re cheap.

2 thoughts on “washie, washie

  1. It does look like a sun! Very PS April, too.

    The border scheme actually makes sense. Should I worry about that?!

    I love cool baskets, but try to resist. I did score big at Joann’s last fall – they had some great baskets on clearance – they were lined and had covers and were shades of teal and blue. They’ll appear in photos during the blue or green months of PS.

  2. The lacey washcloth is so pretty! And it does look like the sun–now you just need an orange one to go with it and you’re all set for Project Spectrum April!

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