another one bites the dust

Yet another yarn store in the area closed this last weekend.  The owner decided to retire, which is better to hear than they had to close for lack of business.  I went in on Saturday and I am so sad I didn’t know about this store earlier, the women working there were so nice.  I’m sorry to say this isn’t always the case in this area, especially if you aren’t a regular customer. 

I did buy some yarn at 50% off, almost all with a specific intent, some for socks for CIC, some for a purse, some for shawls, my favorite was this:

paintbox yarn

Patterns, the price on the patterns was 4 for $2 – who could resist – I’m actually surprised I didn’t walk out with more patterns.  The ones I did get were vintage baby patterns or Fiber Trends, including a couple of Evelyn Clark patterns.  I also picked up a couple new tools, including: a darning egg, a hand crank drill for making twisted cords, and a WPI tool.


This means I did not complete “Use What You Have Month”, but I have no regrets.  It is not very often you get a chance at a sale like this.


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