long weekend

Friday evening while trying to figure out what to feed the children and myself for dinner, Hubby is on swing shiftright now, I was shocked by all the junk in my kitchen freezer.  Frozen bananas I had planned on making banana bread with that were now freeze dried, partial packages of vegetables that were now blocks of ice, freezer burned items, so I decided to clean out freezer.  I turned off the freezer, found a garbage bag and started loading it up, a fresh start as we go into spring.  I pulled out some frozen bread dough and set it out to defrost and rise so I could bake it before going to bed when Hubby got home.   After taking out the garbage I patted my self on the back for just doing it instead of putting it off until another time.   The kids were put to bed, knitting was done while watching some evening tv and the bread was baked.

Daughter had her first t-ball game Saturday morning.  The game was at 8:30am which meant we had to be at the field at 8 . . . 8am on a Saturday morning . . . that is way to early, heck G-d doesn’t even tun on the air until at least 9 or so on Saturdays.  Well, we got up, got presentable and were there on time.  She played, there was drama, but with Daughter you expect at least a little drama.


Directly after the game we had to go and get team pictures, that stuff always takes so long, lots of hurry up and wait.  Hubby and Son waited in the car, so at least we didn’t have to chase him all over the place.

We did get to make a stop at home to change clothes and eat our lunch that we picked up at the drive thru on the way home before heading out to SIL’s house for MIL’s birthday.  We were meeting at 2pm so we could go to the zoo, MIL loves the zoo.  Son fell asleep in the car so I sat in the car with him and worked on Daughter’s socks, by 2:40ish everyone had arrived and we all headed off to the zoo.


The  Woodland Park Zoo has been makeing many improvements to the exhibits over the years and I have to say that my favorite is the Orangutan Exhibit.  I always wonder who is watching who there.


This is a cast of a hand of one of the Orangutans at the zoo.  Son loved to touch it and I love the contrast in size between his 4yo hand the the Orangutan’s hand.

Daughter attached herself to the (older) cousins, quite like a barnacle.  She wanted to see everything and wanted to rush from animal to animal to make sure she did.  Everyone was amazed at how much energy she has.  We stayed almost until the zoo closed and then headed back to SIL’s house for dinner and cake. 

Dinner was great, SIL served an amazing cheddar and port cheese and with dinner there was a French Cabernet Sauvignon – Surrah that was quite yummy.  It made for a bit of a late day for the kids but we had lots of fun and the kids fell right asleep when we put them into bed that night.

This morning Hubby woke up with the kids and I attempted to sleep in a bit. 

hubby – “Hey, the stuff in the frig seems warm.”

me -  “What do you mean warm?”

hubby – “It’s feels warm.”

me – “What’s the temperature?”

hubby – “It’s set at 3.”

me – “No, the temperature on the thermometer on the shelf.”

hubby – “65”

Well, I’m sure most of you have figured out what happened.  I did not turn the freezer back on and everything in the frig/freezer was warm/defrosted.  Shoot!  Ok, i said lots of things far worse than shoot, but we will just pretend that I said shoot. 

I spent the whole day cleaning out the frig.  Emptying containers, washing them out, putting them in recycling.  I threw out so much food it makes me ill.  I ended up taking out all the shelves and washing them and washing down the whole inside. 

I have to look at this as an opportunity, an opportunity to start eating better by only placing good, wholesome food into that empty refrigerator.  If I don’t think of it as an opportunity, I will cry.


One thought on “long weekend

  1. Oh, that sucks. On the up side, your fridge probably hasn’t been cleaner for years… And maybe it’s just the trigger event for putting good stuff in there… It sounded like a great weekend up until then!

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