fruit & yarn

Yesterday my parents called and we all ended up at Emery’s to look for honeysuckle.  We didn’t find any honeysuckle, dad is looking for a native honeysuckle and they are harder to find, but I came home with tomatoes, cabbage, 4 blueberry bushes, 25 strawberry plants and a few flowers.


Today was the first day of the annual spring sale at Great Yarns! in Everett, so I headed on up before hubby went to work.  Most of the sale yarns seemed to be the more novelty yarns, does this mean they are going out of trend (I won’t call it style) and the yarn companies will stop making 50 billion of them? Oh, gosh, I hope so.  The big find of the day was a vintage sock knitting booklet, it is from 1950 and originally cost 40c, and it was in the free pattern bin along with an issue of Interweave Knits from the early 90s.  I did manage to do a little stash enhancement, but I was far from my usual stash crazy self.


2 thoughts on “fruit & yarn

  1. Kewl! I have that vintage booklet (have owned it for at least 25 years) and have knit several socks for my dad from it. Tried and true! Enjoy.


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