to market, to market

Saturday Daughter had an early t-ball game, then afterward I ran a few erands, including getting a new swimming pool for the ducks and picking up a bunch of supplies so I can plant my blueberry bushes.  It is a bad idea to pick up plants without a place to put them into the ground as soon as you get home, I know this, but I seldom remember this until it is too late.

This morning we went to the Everett Farmer’s Market, but since it is so early in the season it was very small.  We did manage to pick up a huge boquet of flowers, some organic tomatoes, asparagus, and some delicious pastries.

On the way home I remembered the Seattle Tilth Plant Sale was going on so we went on down to Seattle and had a look around. We picked up a few plants, ate some organic donuts, looked around the P-patch and played at the park.  Next year we will: get there bright and early on Saturday, as the tables were pretty picked over by the time we got there Sunday noon; bring boxes, easier to get the plants to the car and home; and bring my camera.

After a quick stop at Acorn Street for me to pick up a pattern I had on hold, we headed back to the old homestead to do some planting.


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