happy mother's day

Random musings mostly on knitting: 

I was able to spend the morning with my daughter at the clinic.  She has had a cough for almost 2 weeks, so after a blood test and chest x-rays (both were fine) we were sent home with two prescriptions and instructions to return if she wasn’t better in a week or so.  I’ll be taking the son in later as he has been coughing too.  It’s hard to get over something when you aren’t sleeping, so after lunch I’ll bundle him off.

I was able to do some knitting on my Lupine Lace socks while waiting.  I am really enjoying this pattern, so easy to memorize, and it has that nice little bit of lace.  Speaking of lace, I joined yet another KAL.


The plan is to complete several lace projects this summer; the Flower Basket Shawl will be the main project, but also finishing Branching Out and a couple of pairs of socks.

I have been knitting lately, just not blogging about it too much.  I have finished the main knitting on Molly from Junior Knits by Debbie Bliss for Daughter.  I need to seam it up and knit the ribbing on the cuffs.  I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool, I really am loving this yarn.  I have enough, in my stash, for two more sweaters, in theory one for the son and another one for the daughter.


Yesterday, while at Costco to pick up just a couple of things, I took a stroll thru the book section. Oh. My. Goodness.  There was a huge stack of knitting books from Potter Craft.  The titles included:  Big Girl Knits, Morehouse Farms Merino Knits, Mason-Dixon Knitting, and Inspired Cable Knits.  They were all $18.49! 


These are the two that followed me home and will go back for the other two soon.

I have been swatching for a new project, a felted knitting bag.  I found some lovely Noro Kureyon, color 81. it has purple and green, which are my colors, with white and brown.  Brown, not my color.  Not at all. So I edited my Kureyon.



Does anyone else do this, or have I commited a sin in the world of Noro knitters? 

I think I will use the edited out bits to knit up the felted bowl that is in One Skein.  For the bag I will be using some Cascade 220 in a dark purple, the same one I used for my Hermione Mittens, and I’m swatching to find a white/natural yarn that will felt.  I know pure white, that has been bleached, won’t felt, so I’m trying some Cascade 220 in Natural.  I have knitted the swatch but still need to throw it into the washing machine, to see how well it felts.

I guess I’ve rambled on enough . . . I’m going to go outside and enjoy the day.


4 thoughts on “happy mother's day

  1. The Molly sweater looks exactly like the Firey Bolero (also by Debbie Bliss, in last summer’s IK) that I’ve been working on! And I’m in about the same place… just need to seem up the sides and add some ribbing. Can’t wait to see how yours finishes up!

  2. I “edit” Kureyon, too, depending on the project. 🙂

    Definitely go back for Mason-Dixon Knitting – it’s a great book!

    Hope the kidlets feel better soon…

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