In my defense

For most of the last three weeks I have been cooped up at home with two sick children.  Oh, the joys of motherhood; fevers, cough, vomiting and laundry.  Just the tip of the iceberg.

Today, I was thrilled to pack the knitting bag, some snacks and a chair and head off to the Dulaan Knit In.  Wait, you say, that isn’t until next weekend.  Yeah.

The door opened partially and a woman peeked out, “Hello?”

“Hi, I’m here for the knit along.”

There was a pause, then, “Oh, for Dulaan.  That’s not till next weekend”

To say I was embarassed would be like saying the ocean has a few fish in it.  TMK was very kind and invited me in, and I was able to meet Frankie, who is, I think, one of the cutest dogs I have ever met. 

As we chatted my embarassment chaged to moritfication as I realized this was prime blog fodder. OMG!  I am glad Ryan wasn’t there, and wasn’t expected back until much later, or TMK suggested she may have tried to get me set up . . . knitting . . . alone . . . for the blog.

Let me just add, that I don’t deal with embarassment well, or, at all.  As I drove home I went thru the “five stages of blog denial”

Denial - TMK will tell Ryan about how embarassed I was and she won’t blog about it.  (ha, right!)

Anger - I am such an idiot!  Can’t I even read a calendar?  (followed by a bit of bad language)

Bargaining – Oh great blog goddess, if Ryan doesn’t blog about this I will be a better blogger.  I promise.  I will get a cat so I can post cat pictures with wry and witty captions.  No, really I will.

Depression -  I can never show my face again, I have to delete my blog and go into internet hiding.  Where’s the chocolate?  I need a stiff drink.

Acceptance – I might as well post my side of the story and hope for the best. 

My husband commented, “Well, at least they know you’re eager to knit for Dulaan.”  How come that is of very little comfort?


2 thoughts on “In my defense

  1. I did just the same thing once and felt like I was going to die right there on the spot. Arrived a week early (with *two* small children in tow) for a Mom’s club meeting. At the house of a very frazzled looking that day mom of two additional small children. Ouch. She was incredibly gracious and nice about it, and I’m thankful there weren’t blogs involved.

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