red dress

Yesterday after my MoRH(tm Brenda Dayne) I bought yarn,  nothing like a little retail therapy.  I needed some red cotton for the mid-May dishcloth for the Monthly Dishcloth Along.  I hit Fred Meyer because they had a buy two get one free deal and they carry Lion Cotton, I picked up three balls, but no red.  BTW, Fred Meyer carries a few colors of Lion Wool. 

Still in search of red I headed over to JoAnn, where I went a little cotton crazy.  I had stopped at Costco on my way to the Knit-in (sigh) and picked up Mason*Dixon Knitting and Inspired Cable Knits, while looking thru them I found that quite a few of the projects in Mason*Dixon were knit with kitchen cotton.  I especially like the little baby kimono.  So, I did a little stocking up on kitchen cotton, including some red, just in case, I also picked up a couple of patterns so I can get a start on my summer sewing for Daughter, Color-splash Dishcloths by Evelyn A. Clark and a piece of muslin for a doll.

When I got home I cast on for the Dishcloth Along and then finished it up today.


pattern: Go Red For Women by Sarah Wennagole
yarn:  Lion Cotton – Poppy Red
cast-on:  May 19th
cast-off:  May 20th
notes:  This pattern is to remind women that heart desease is the number one killer of women (and men).  Find out more at


3 thoughts on “red dress

  1. Hi – Am I reading your blog correctly, that you purchased those knitting books at Costco? [it’s late and I might be misreading it….hopefully not.] If yes, which Costco? (I’m in Seattle.) Thank you- Jill

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