. . . and another thing

I was sorting thru a pile of things and found these mittens I finished for the Dulaan Project this month.


pattern:  Dulaan Easy-on Kids Mittens
yarn: 100% superwash wool
needles: clover bamboo US6
cast-on/off: June
notes:  I like this pattern . . . very easy . . . very quick.  I will be making up several pairs I’m sure.  The only thing I will change on future pairs is the decrease at the top of the mittens.  Instead of the matched double decreases on either side I will decrease evenly around, more like a round toe on a sock.  With the decreases as they are knit the seam ends up looking a bit wonkey when you get them on an actual hand, though they look great sans-hand.


Here they are on my 6yo and you can see the ridge going up the middle of the fingers.  With the decreases more evenly spaced you wouldn’t see that, just a personal preference, I think.

Dulaan2006Button2.jpg     blue_ps.jpg

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